Coffee to go: Summery drinks with coffee for your next picnic outdoors

Coffee to go: Summery drinks with coffee for your next picnic outdoors

Never say no to a coffee to go

Lisa-Kristin Erdt

Lisa-Kristin Erdt

Food Editor at Kitchen Stories

Summer, sunshine, coffee! This might sound like an unusual combination, but throughout this article you’ll soon find that this might just be what you need this summer! Actually, this combination is made up entirely by things that most of us love – meaning this can only be good.

You’ll find 3 amazing recipes for drinks that contain coffee and are going to take your summer picnic to a whole new level. We’ll also offer some helpful tips on how you can prepare them to bring with you, and will let you in on the secret of one of the ultimate tricks to have a carefree and refreshing picnic on those warm summer days.

A perfect match: Summer + Picnic + Coffee

You might ask yourself how coffee is supposed to be nice in the sweltering heat of summer. To this I’ll simply say: Cheers to ice cubes and portable containers that will turn every hot drink into a pleasant and refreshing drink on the go.

To present to you our favourite coffee drinks to go, we’ll of course need some good coffee first. For this, we partnered up with Lavazza, a family-run company from Italy, that has successfully been producing coffee since 1895.

Perhaps known to most as a traditional company, Lavazza emphasises supporting a fair coffee culture. Its foundation Fondazione Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza Onlus has been around since 2004 and has supported 20 countries and more than 136,000 coffee producers in 32 projects. The ¡Tierra! seal was created which certifies products for environmental protection, the economical and social development of coffee farmers and the support of healthy agricultural practices.

Our 3 favourite coffee recipes for summer

We want you to be flexible for your picnic idea, so you can serve the right drink at any time of day. That is why we have created 3 coffee drinks that you can prepare in the morning, at noon or in the evening – or do all three of them at once, which can’t hurt either.

The best Iced Strawberry Latte you know

This one is my favourite, because it just sounds so modern and trendy and is so photogenic at the same time. I mean, just look at this strawberry – it’s real, I promise!

The beautiful thing about drink recipes is that only a few ingredients and a little bit of time are needed to achieve a complicated but also super good-looking end result – and it’s just like that with this drink. For this one we played with colours, aromas and ingredients, to present to you this multi-layered goodness.

Iced Strawberry Latte

Iced Strawberry Latte
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I can definitely see the caffeinated Iced Strawberry Latte as a nice addition to a summery brunch outdoors – and for this you have to wake up first anyway, right?

The summery Blue Espresso Tonic

Imagine you’re sitting in an overheated office in the middle of the week and during lunchtime only one thing can help: A cold drink that wakes you up at the same time. We’ve got you covered!

Just pack some blueberries, cold tonic water and some freshly brewed espresso (as well as some ice cubes if you have them lying around) and you’re ready to assemble whenever you like:

Blue Espresso Tonic

Blue Espresso Tonic
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And now: Lean back, watch the play of colours and enjoy your well-deserved break.

An amazingly good coffee cocktail with passion fruit

I can’t hide it: I’m a big fan of this recipe. Have you ever tried combining passion fruit and coffee? I hadn’t , but after this drink I definitely will again.

The recipe comes with a clever twist: You’ll be making a coffee syrup out of freshly brewed espresso and sugar, that you can also use for other drinks or desserts. This drink certainly fits a picnic on a summer evening: A refreshing treat that gets its liveliness from the fruity, soft flavour of the Lavazza coffee and is – thanks to the tequila – the perfect drink for a good time with friends. The Passion Fruit Espresso Sour is without a doubt my new favourite drink for the summer.

Passion Fruit Espresso Sour

Passion Fruit Espresso Sour
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This is how you can prepare drinks for your picnic

Okay, we now have recipes and ideas for picnics for different occasions – so far so good. But how can you prepare these drinks in a sustainable way that also keeps them fresh and lets you enjoy them easily on site? There are different possibilities and tools, that you won’t want to miss:

Possibility No. 1: Prepare everything at home

The good thing about preparing the drink at home is that you don’t have to do anything on site, except pouring the drink into a glass full of ice cubes. If you have a container for ice cubes that fit into the picnic basket, you’ll be well-prepared. This works especially well with our Passion Fruit Espresso Sour, which you can completely prepare at home.

Possibility No. 2: Prepare on site

If your drink doesn’t contain too many ingredients, like our Blue Espresso Tonic, you can carry them separately in a cooling box. Then it is really easy to assemble the drink at the picnic as many times as the ingredients allow. This way you have to carry more, but you also get a super fresh drink.

Possibility No. 3: Prepare one part beforehand and mix the other one on site

Just like our Iced Strawberry Latte, some recipes are made to be enjoyed fresh. For this you can bring the strawberry puree and the cold espresso in a reusable bottle and other ingredients like the milk or (even simpler) spray cream can be transported in a cooling box to assemble everything at the picnic. In our recipe we use mini ice cubes as they benefit the layering of the drink.

But if this is too complicated, and you are happy with some adjustments to your drink, then you can just fill everything into a to-go cup and do it like possibility no. 1 – the flavour is going to be equally delicious.

What is still missing in your picnic basket

… is of course the food. In this article, you'll find multiple recipes that can be effortlessly prepared for your picnic. More tricks on how to be prepared for your next picnic can be found here. And whatever else you would need for the ultimate picnic equipment, you can read in this article.

Here are some first-aid recipes:
Cranberry pistachio biscotti with jam
Italian sandwich with prosciutto di Parma
Pesto potato salad
5-ingredient cacio e pepe pizza

We hope that we were able to inspire you with our coffee recipes and excite you for a summery picnic. We’d love for you to share your coffee creations with us in the comment section below and let us know what you prepare most for a picnic.

Published on June 19, 2022

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